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About Dragon Toner

Global Supplier and Poland Warehouse

Started in Hong Kong in 2008, Dragon Toner is now a global supplier that specializes in the design and manufacturing of Copier and Laser Printer Toner Cartridges and Inkjet Cartridges. Our offices are located in Poland, UAE, Hong Kong and China.

Our warehouse in Poland is dedicated to serving our customers in Poland and Europe, to provide them a convenient access to our products and representatives. The warehouse is located in Gdynia, Pomerania in Poland, with an area of over 600 sqm. Recurrent stocks are available for most popular models and can be delivered to our clients in short notice period of time.

Chatting at Warehouse


We offer high quality of Laser Printer Toner Cartridges, Copier Toner Cartridges, Inkjet Cartridges and Thermal Transfer Ribbons. Models cover the use in various international brands including HP, CANON, SAMSUNG, XEROX, LEXMARK, BROTHER, DELL etc. Our products are marketed to government units, banks, education institutes, multinational companies, large department stores and different end-users. 

Complete Control On Product Quality

We have an in-house production team which has the complete research and design capabilities for Toner Cartridges products. We employ effective management and stringent control measures with our professionals and engineers from Europe and Asia. This gives us full control on our production line and ensures our product and service quality meeting industry leading standards. Being the root supplier, we are able to offer very competitive pricing in the market to our customers all over the world with consistently high customers satisfactions.


Independent Testing Department


Experienced Research & Design Personnels


Professional Material Purchasing Department


Some Statistics: Comparison of Usage and Quality levels between general OEM and Dragon Toner (DSI) Products. It shows that our quality and overall performance is above the industry standard.

In-House Production Factory

Our in-house production factory is located in China (Longgang District, Shenzhen), a 5 stories building with around 15,000 m2 area. Factory's monthly production is over 150,000 units. The factory is managed and supervised by industry professionals from Europe and Asia. We emphasize Efficiency, Quality, Independent Controls and Continuous Training. Our streamlined production eliminates unnecessary operating cost which can also be reflected in our competitive pricing.


Stringent Quality Check


Diligent Production Process


Efficient Production Line


Continuous Staff Training


OPC / PCR Resistance Tester


Toner Leakage Tester


MR Roughness Tester


Auto Toner Cartridge Vacuum Leakage Tester


Blade Dent Tester

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Our Business Values

We aim to provide the best quality of products and services at the lowest cost to our clients. We treasure:

  • Clients' Interest Oriented

  • Strike for Excellence

  • Efficient Management

  • Stay Creative 

Our core business values drive the direction of our firm in the long-term. 


Did You Know...

Quality Checking Devices

In order to have a secure control on product quality, many advanced quality checking devices are necessary in the production process. These devices provide consistent and accurate measures for our R&D, Production Testing and Quality Check departments to allow them stringently ensure our products meeting the industry leading standards.

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